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The BOSS – SEO is a Utah based Search Engine Optimization firm dedicated to moving your business up the search engine ranks and onto coveted First Page Territory. We’re no poser quick-fix SEO firm.  We know it’s important for any SEO expert to know the industry, the target market, and the most current search terms and trends when building a strategic plan for a client. As we work with you to learn more about your industry and your clientele, we custom-craft a tactical action-plan that builds authority and relevance for your business, through content marketing, strategic link-building, keyword placement and saturation, and more.

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Sprung from a need, The BOSS-SEO was the design of our CEO, Jason Pedersen. He began researching search engine optimization strategies as a way to help keep a thriving medical software development firm on top of the search engines, once competition in the field began to put the pressure on. After extensive study, endless courses, diligent practice, trial and error, and social media forum interaction, Jason not only was able to keep his medical software development firm on top, but he also discovered a passion and a talent for SEO and digital marketing. After teaming up with a skilled and proficient content writer, The BOSS-SEO became a source for search engine optimization and digital content marketing for Utah businesses and business all around the U.S.

Meet our team:

Jason Pedersen, CEO & Founder

CEO – Jason Pedersen

Jason Pedersen has over 12 years of marketing experience, in both digital and print marketing. From real estate, to major California casinos, to the medical industry, Jason has worked with clients all over the U.S. to improve their digital and print presence, including his own companies today. Jason, in his spare time, is a father of four kids and enjoys expanding his hands-on skills like carpentry, beekeeping, gardening, survival prep, and more.

Jason leads our team of developers and SEO strategists.

Lead Content Writer and Social Media Manager – Jackie deCocq

Jackie deCocq has over 10 years of experience writing literature review, blogs, industry articles, and content for companies. A local teacher for over 9 years, she holds a Master’s Degree in Online Curriculum Design and Instruction, runs the local Online Education program for high-school aged students, and served on the board of directors for one of the biggest grassroots education movements in the country – Whole Brain Teaching. Jackie, in her spare time, is a mother and a wife, and enjoys raising chickens and dogs, cooking, and running.
Jackie leads our talented and diverse team of content writers, and leads the social media campaigns for The BOSS, and also for our clients.


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