There’s ‘Social Media’, and Then There’s Social Media like a BOSS.

Does Social Media Matter for a Serious Business?

Social media is undeniably key to the success of any business at this point. It’s cheap, and it’s what people pay attention to anyway. Over 71% of people in the US are on Facebook and over half a billion globally are on Twitter.  Approximately HALF of those users are checking in on their social media accounts once a day (or much, much more).  In fact, they’re on there so much, 1 in 3 people say that they use social media to inform their purchasing decisions in one way or another.  If the material is engaging enough, viewers will simply promote it themselves.  Although most business leaders are aware that social marketing can be a huge business boost, consistency is the tough part.  Lots of businesses do half-effort attempts at social marketing, but it’s clear to an avid user that these businesses don’t know what they’re doing– it shows through their inconsistent or infrequent posting, or through the sheer bore-level of their posts.

How Can The BOSS-SEO Help You With Social Media?

As a business leader/owner with much on your plate,  things get busy and your social media campaign can get lost in the shuffle.  Consistent, relevant posting is vital if you want your social media campaign to work for you to its full potential. Any business that wants attention from consumers and from the search engines needs a robust social networking presence, or they face being left out and overtaken by those with a strong presence in social networking.   Our Social Media Team at The BOSS-SEO knows how to track the trends, reach the followers, and get your name out there so that your business builds a solid social presence online.

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