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Hear that?

It’s the social world trying to tell you something.  “We like when you post funny things.” “We’re bored by market reports.”  “We’re over Panda 4.0.”  “We want to hear more about what’s new.”

If you already have a Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest account for your company, good on you.  You’re aware of social media.  But if that’s all you’ve done, you’re missing the mark.  Think of your relationship with your market audience the same way that you would think of your relationship with another person.  Imagine inviting a friend out for lunch, and then not listening to a word they say.  I mean, you invited them out to lunch, right? Isn’t that what friends are supposed to do? Haven’t you done your job?

Or imagine a relationship with a spouse where you occasionally toss out a comment, but you never wait to hear what they say in response. You never react or interact with them at all.  It wouldn’t take long for that relationship to die off, fast. It just doesn’t work one way.

Some people argue that today’s average person is disconnected and less personal and intimate due to the prevailing social media trends that have taken over.  But what if they are actually *more* intimate, and more connected?  With social media, your audience can be a part of your journey, your movement, your community.  They can speak up immediately when they need to be heard.  They can share immediately when they like what you’ve said.  They expect instant response.    And if you’re not able to offer that to them, you’re likely to lose them to someone who will.

Social listening is what makes a company truly human to its followers.  Watching for, listening to, and responding to what’s being said and shared about your company once it leaves your keyboard is what will keep you in the forefront, continually shaping and carving your content and your corporate personality to be one that people want to see again, and want to share with others.

It’s about knowing what happens when it leaves your Facebook page.  It’s about seeing how far it goes after it’s been reTweeted. It’s about knowing immediately when someone is unhappy with you and instantly responding, letting them know “I hear you. I’m listening. This matters.” Problem is: how does anybody manage to track and keep up with all that on their own?  Where to reTweets go? Where do Facebook shares and likes trail off? It feels like you’d need to hire a private investigator just to keep track of it all.

This is why The BOSS-SEO offers social listening, your most powerful option for social listening services.  With our social listening service, you can instantly know what is being said about your company across the web, respond to the conversations that matter most, and make changes to your campaign based on market responses now.  For once, you’ll be able to finally to do real-time damage control and grab positive opportunities and run with them before they’re already old-news (which takes no time at all in our current fast-moving social environments). You’ll be able to instantly see and reiterate the parts of your campaign that are moving you forward, and make changes to the parts that are boring or rejected by your audience, thus gaining and retaining loyal followers of your brand.

With The BOSS-SEO social listening services, you can:

  • Track all your social media posts at a glance
  • Access visual tracking of your campaign effects
  • Compare topics side by side
  • Research a market before starting a campaign
  • Keep tabs on your competitors’ social media campaigns
  • View all your social networks in one place
  • Create, schedule, then publish your message to various social networks at once, then track them

Call The BOSS-SEO to find out more about how to use our advanced social listening system and become an active listener in your industry.

Social Listening

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