Link-building is vital to getting high organic search engine rankings. Link-building is, essentially, your behind-the-scenes reputation on the internet.  Search engines look for websites that matter, that are important, that are trusted, and that are authoritative.  They recognize your sites as having those qualities by seeing how often other sites link back to you, and how important/trusted/authoritative those sites are, too.  Just as with reputation, the old saying goes “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”, link-building is much the same– it’s who is linking back to you that matters. That’s why link-building is the base for your entire reputation online.

What Matters with Link Building?

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The number of sites linking back to you gets Google’s attention.  If your competition only has 2 sites back-linking to them, but you have 3 sites back-linking to you, Google sees you as having a better reputation, and worthy of a higher spot in on the SERPs.

Who It Is

Although the number of sites matters, who is linking back to you can give you a boost.  If NASA’s official site is linking back to you, that’s going to pull a lot more weight in Google’s ranking algorithm than a brand-new site back-linking to you.

What’s On Their Site

If the sites linking back to you are rich in content and relevant information (and have quality sites back-linking to them), search engines will see those site linking to you as more relevant than cheap, keyword-stuffed sites thrown up to ‘build links’ quickly, or poorly done low-content sites that aren’t shady but simply happen to be done by amateurs.  Google wants to see that you matter to sites that matter.

What the Links Say

If the anchor text for your back-links simply have your company name, like, it helps, but not as much as it could.  However, let’s say Classy Petals had a back-link through an article someone wrote about wedding planning, and the anchor text said, “cutting edge wedding flowers”, which linked back to  *That* would make more visible to search engines, particularly for SERPs where users were searching for “cutting edge wedding flowers”.


The BOSS-SEO has an entire team dedicated to quality, trustworthy link-building for your site.  Not just cheap half-assed links that give you a temporary bump, but our team searches for the most opportunities to find the best, most genuine link-building opportunities for your site that they can.  Stuff that will last.  Stuff that will get you seen, and frankly, make you look good.


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