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With a few minutes of your time, our SEO consultants will put together a marketing plan that will get you on the top of Google and other search engines for your target keyword phrases.

Local SEO

Google is ramping up on its local business searches. Focusing local is a great way to get to on page #1 for the search engines, making you The Boss of your area.


Organic SEO

Ranking #1 on Google with your keywords is the best thing you can do for your business. Once you’re The Boss of your keywords in your niche,   business is booming, with new clients contacting you every day. Own it.

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Link Building

Strategic link-building can help your business rule Google.  We can help you build quality links by creating a cutting-edge content strategy that will give you more than just a short-term wimpy boost– instead giving you long-term dominance in your niche.

Research and Analysis

SEO marketing solutions don’t fit in a box. Each client’s needs are unique, and what makes it worth it for YOU isn’t always the same.  Our team knows what it takes to fully understand each client’s industry and competitors, and to mold your plan to a blueprint that will take you straight to The Boss’s chair in your industry.

Social Marketing

Social media gets you noticed. Period. But using it to your advantage, and keeping up on it can be challenging.  Our team is expert at mastering the social media corner, building up relationships and reaching more audiences with easy and affordable plans.

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Site Design

SEO strategies do your business no good if your website is weak. With the help of our developers, you can command both the attention of your clients and the crucial notice of the big search engines, making YOU The Boss of your industry on the web.

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On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization should be a big part of your search engine optimization strategy. It will effect the way your web site shows up in natural search engine results.

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Local Search

Nearly 20% of all searches on Google are topics related to location. As Google and Bing improve their local searching,  search engines will begin to show more local content that is relevant to the searches.  Your business needs an effective local SEO campaign now.

Utah SEO

Utah Internet Marketing SEO

Business owners and marketing directors alike know that SEO (search engine optimization) is vital to your brand and company visibility. As far as bang for your buck goes, SEO is the number one marketing technique to ensure your success in the online world, by making your site the one people find, each and every time.

As smartphone use becomes standard, things like the Yellow Pages are becoming a thing of the past. People now are turning to search engines to find everything from information about a problem, to service providers, to finding a product. Why waste your money on printed material when all your customers are looking to the web? Ads and PPC (pay per click) require you to pay every time somebody sees or clicks on your ad, but with our Utah SEO services, you save money by leading people to your site naturally, giving you the opportunity to convert window shoppers into faithful customers.

SEO is an art. Your SEO team can make or break your success, and bad SEO can set you back huge amounts of time and money. Finding the right team will make your SEO experience one that you can feel good about, and rest assured your money is being well-spent. Our Utah SEO team at The BOSS-SEO is not only experienced, but also dedicated to keeping up on cutting edge methods and tossing out the old stuff when it stops working, as we all know that search engine algorithms change constantly—and even better, we have the performance to show for it.

More Traffic

As we work on your site and your online reputation, you’ll see more people flowing to your site to check it out, and if your customer service and follow-through is top-notch, that traffic becomes business! Our Utah SEO Consultants goes through your site and all of your online listings with a fine-toothed comb, making sure your site is attractive to search engines, useful to potential customers, and consistently listed throughout the web. Blow your competition out of the water and sit back while the traffic that used to be theirs comes to YOU instead.

Top Ranking

When you choose Utah’s Best SEO company, you’ll move up the ranks in Google. You’ll see not only noticeable results quickly, but you’ll see over time that the results are long-term results that stick, not quick-fix poser results that eventually fail. We build your reputation with clean techniques that form a solid foundation. Just remember – if they don’t see you, you’re not there – so the higher up you are on Google results, the more people come to YOU for their needs. We do the research to find the keywords that are hot and highly searched in your industry, and then we target our work to get you seen for those key terms.

Penalties? What Search Engine Penalties?

When you cut corners with your SEO, implement shady stuff, or just don’t always know what you’re doing, it’s not uncommon for your site – that you’ve put all your time and money into — to get penalized by search engines, which knocks your site down the rankings and keeps it down for a long time. The most frustrating part is – what brings on those penalties is in a constant flow of change, so it’s easy to make a mistake. That’s why it’s so important to work with a team that doesn’t just “know how to do SEO”, but a team that lives and breathes SEO, so they are constantly updated on the newest important updates, changes, and information.
You might already have penalties. Our Utah SEO agency works to remove your penalties while fortifying your site reputation and authority to protect you from future penalties. You’re left with a site that’s easy to use, easy to find, and easy to keep on top!

What Else?

When you use our Utah SEO firm, there’s even more that just claiming that first page of Google– You’ll see your marketing expenses decrease. Your brand will be more recognized, more respected, and more trusted. Your return on investment will blow away anything you’ve seen from traditional marketing investments. Your traffic will come from all different sources instead of just search engines, beefing up your traffic flow and visibility.

Let us show you how our Utah search engine optimization team will take your business from tiny to mighty, increasing traffic and sales, and ultimately, YOUR revenue.

To find out more about our top-notch SEO services in Utah, or for a completely free site analysis, give us a call and we’ll take it from there.


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Local Business Owner Testimonial
Awesome Results!


I highly recommend The Boss to any business. They have helped my company’s presence on the web grow, and have provided me with professional and knowledgeable suggestions for improvement. They always answer my questions and follow up on my needs almost immediately. Most importantly I have found them to be a fair and ethical company to work with.
Written by: Sonya Duke
Date published: 01/26/2015
5 ***** / 5 ***** stars
Real Estate Testimonial
Highly Recommend The Boss


I have been working with Jason Pedersen at The Boss-SEO to help with my real estate website and do the SEO. I have been VERY happy with the work Jason has done to help my site get good rankings on Google and the other major search engines. When I started working with Jason, my website was brand new – which makes it an uphill climb as far as SEO goes. But Jason knows his stuff and the work he did and coached me to do for my site made the website get great placement on Google, etc. in a fairly short period of time. I’m so excited about the work he did and the results he was able to attain for me – great placement and lots of daily visitors to my site. I highly recommend The Boss – SEO.
Written by: Pedersen Real Estate
Date published: 09/24/2014
5 ***** / 5 ***** stars
HVAC Testimonial
Best SEO service provider…


Best SEO service provider I’ve seen yet, vast understanding of SEO service, weather you have had or are having currant problems. Jason can step in, take over and run with it!
Written by: HVM – HVAC Utah
Date published: 03/09/2015
5 ***** / 5 ***** stars

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