What Is SEO?

In the modern business world, web presence is everything.  Consumers turn to the internet to locate just about any service or product they are searching for, so being at the top of big-time search engines when customers type in common phrases and key words is key to bringing new customers to your business.  Customers want to find what they need quickly, and they want to be able to understand exactly what they’ve accessed without having to weed through vague or unnecessary website content.

Every website owner faces this challenge.  You can run a simple test to check whether your potential customers are able to find you on search engines–just search your own market. Enter something related to your products and location on Google search. Most potential customers don’t make it past the first page– if you’re unable to find your website on the first page, it is likely that your potential customers aren’t finding you online.

Why Do I Need It?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most effective strategy to improve your search engine rankings. Online marketing is vital to ensuring that your website climbs the ranks of Google and other big-time search engines, when customers use common phrases and popular keywords within your market or niche, making sure that they find you first.

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Everyone knows that more traffic = more sales. Search engine optimization ensures that you are among the first few links on Search Engine Results Page (SERP), which is really where most sales happen.  There’s a lot of competition out there, so expanding your website’s reach, exposure, and visibility will be key, and is directly proportional to your conversion rate.

Is This Really Going to Help?

These strategies help in multi-faceted ways.  It’s more than just a booster-seat to reach the top of Google. SEO strategies take your site from one that just represents your image online, to one that lets you:

Reach further

–  You are no longer bound by local word-of-mouth and billboards. Search engine optimization targets your audience through common search engine keywords or search phrases. By optimizing your site’s visibility within those typed keywords in search engines, your business organization can be easily found globally by potential customers who require your services or products. Search engine optimization can help you to reach a global audience without the traditional and expensive marketing campaigns.

A search engine optimization campaign can even be targeted specifically at some demographics. For instance, you can implement a local campaign to target only potential customers in your area of operation. You can control and refine who you’re reaching.

Reach more

– A search engine optimization campaign also helps you increase the number of total visitors to your website. Once a person visits your website,  strategically implemented search engine optimization can help you convert that site visitor into a customer who wants to stay, return, and tell others to come too.

A higher volume of traffic will mean a higher conversion rate. That higher volume can be within your reach by utilizing strategic SEO application, each time taking your business a step farther in the process of building reputation and brand identity. With the internet quickly becoming a tough, competitive marketplace, you either dominate, or you disappear.

Be seen

– Search engine optimization also leads to increased visibility. Once your website has been search engine optimized, more people will find your website, and naturally, more people will visit your website. That’s what every business owner wants, right? More visitors = more customers = better brand recognition = more sales.

Get your money’s worth

– Studies show that an effective online marketing campaign will provide a higher return on your investment than any other marketing and advertising technique/strategy.  With a strategic online marketing plan, you will be able to make more but spend less to get there.

Be in control

– When you optimize your website for search engine visibility, you will be able to reach a targeted audience of your own choice. Your SEO campaign can be tailored to fit your organization’s vision and philosophy, while driving more specific and targeted traffic to your website. Why spend the money and time marketing to people outside your target market? Instead, a good SEO plan will help you meet the specific needs and requirements of your business.

Have power through information

– An SEO campaign has a unique quality, because  you can see the results right in front of you.  It is easy to quantify the results of your efforts through periodic running of (and comparison of) reports related to conversion rates, search engine rankings and other relevant factors.

In the last few years, webmasters and developers have seen first-hand the importance of Search Engine Optimization in effective online marketing campaigns. Time and again, targeted optimization has proven to be the key to improved visibility on search engines, more traffic and higher revenue. With search engine rankings becoming more and more competitive, your SEO campaign is one of the most important marketing areas critical to your business’ success and domination of the market.

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