Why A Responsive Website Is Essential

It’s 2014. They days have passed where you could get by with having a website that lacked responsiveness. While some companies still thrive because they lack dependence on their website, having a responsive website design is essential if you wish to stay relevant on the ever evolving World Wide Web. So what is a responsive website? It’s simply a website that has the ability to smoothly adjust to fit desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone monitors. Why is this important? Let’s find out.

Times Are Changing

Again, we aren’t in the early 2000’s anymore. Websites are becoming more and more advanced, and the amount of people viewing your site on a smaller monitor is increasing at an exponential rate. In the past year, a number of websites surveyed said that the amount of mobile users viewing there sight has almost doubled. You need to capitalize on the mobile scene! If you are failing to provide a responsive design, your visitors will leave your page and find a competitor’s that may be more user friendly, and easy to manage. In the future, the amount of mobile phone users is just going to increase. As we speak, around 60% of mobile phone users use a smart phone. This means that that 60% has the ability to find, and view your site! You need to have a site ready that will keep their attention, not push them away. The future is mobile, get with the times.

Easier To Manage

Many people try to avoid a responsive website design by creating separate sites for mobile and desktop users. This strategy does work, but it requires you to manage multiple SEO campaigns, instead of just one. Isn’t the work involved to drive traffic to your site enough? Why put yourself through even more work? It’s like having two phones, each with a different text conversation happening at once. It would be much easier to just deal with one of these conversations, wouldn’t it? With a responsive design, you also don’t have to worry about transferring plugins, content, themes, etc. from your desktop site to your mobile site. This is like having two different phones, each having a different text conversation happening at once. It’s super hard to deal with both of these. With your responsive design, the entirety of your site is viewable on any device!

Google Says It’s The Best Option

When Google talks, you should listen. After all, they basically rule the internet. So when they say that a responsive design is the best option, you shouldn’t ignore it. Google has stated that a responsive design is by far the best option for a mobile site, rather than a site for just desktops and just mobile devices. Due to having just one URL, and the same HTML, Google is better able to crawl, organize, and index your content into their database. Google also has stated that by having all of your content on one, responsive site, it is easier for users to share, link, and interact with than content spread between a desktop and mobile site.


Responsive website designs are easier to manage, target a larger, growing audience, and are recommended by Google itself. It’s time for you to pursue this type of design.




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