Local SEO— Narrow Your Scope, Broaden Your Customer-Base

Local search results can make or break your online presence.

As a user, search results that are the most obvious and convenient are local search results, even if the business isn’t one that the user has to physically visit in person.  Why?  Take a look at Google search results.  You’ll see a large section with a few local businesses, a link to their website, a Google maps driving directions link, an image when you hover over it with your mouse pointer, and a direct phone number.

Local Shot

With more and more people whipping out their smartphones to look something up, that direct phone number or Google maps directions link is golden. A recent Search Engine Watch study shows that 70% of users contact businesses directly from those first-page local search results, and never even go to the business’ website! Instead, they tap that direct phone number or Google maps address and contact the business directly.

Knowing this, Google and other search engines are becoming more and more biased toward local results, wanting to bring the most precision possible to the user experience. Users depend on search engines to intuit what they want and need, and to refine their search terms for them because, unfortunately, user searches are becoming less precise as time goes on, not more precise.  With this trend in mind, and knowing that 80% of users who don’t get the results they need tend to go to in and add local terms to their search terms, Google and other search engines are beginning to just automatically provide that search result narrowing for us.

Your business needs to be seen locally.

It doesn’t have to be in your local town, it can be anywhere that you consider your target market to be.  If your business is located in Newark, but you know that your target markets are in big metropolitan cities like New York, The BOSS-SEO can help you carve and refine your web presence in a way to get you seen and noticed in local results for those markets.  Local SEO services help you become visible to users that may otherwise never have known you existed, suddenly opening your pool of potential customers to a whole, vast new expanse.

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