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PR content is some of the trickiest to write, and if you’re going to leave any of your content-creation to the experts, this is the one.  Because too many hack-SEO companies cluttered up the web with useless “Press Releases”, Google has made a lot of changes to make Press Releases useless for SEO work UNLESS it’s real. Authentic. Useful stuff. To get any benefit out of PR content, your content needs to be something that your potential customers actually need to know; not just stuff you want the Google bots to pick up.

Authentic, useful PR has:

  • Real, relevant, new information to announce about the company / business
  • No blatant sales gimmicks
  • Information that grabs people, that’s worth them taking a look at (images and video help!)
  • A very narrow keyword focus
  • Reads in a knowledgeable, professional, authoritative, yet pleasant way.

Bad PR content can kill your rankings and make you look like a Big Fake. Good PR content can not only boost your rankings, but also boost your authority with the crowd that really matters– REAL people.

We’ve got this. Don’t stress about where that line is; leave it to The BOSS-SEO.

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