Need Newsletter Content?

As a small business or a large corporation, likely the last thing you’re thinking about is having a company newsletter. Picturing cheesy clip-art with old, blocky text, sent out on tri-folded neon green?  Yeah– no.  That’s not what you need.
You need an email newsletter.  Yes, even if you already have a blog (which you should!), because honestly, the two are different creatures (when done right) and benefit your business in different ways.
Blogs are pull.  You generate followers, provide links, and hope to pull people to read your blog. They go to you.
A newsletter is push.  You send it to your customers and potential customers, and now it’s right there waiting for them. They don’t need to make the effort to go to it.

Let’s be specific. You want a newsletter for your site because:

A newsletter generates traffic

to your site.  By providing links to your site within articles, blog previews, or headers and footers, newsletters drive traffic back to your site where you need it the most.

A newsletter gives you a chance to be personal and connect

with those you are reaching out to.  Let’s face it, if they like you, they come back to take a second look.

A newsletter allows you to promote your business.

The truth is, most people don’t want to read promotions or advertisements in blog entries. It makes the blog feel fake, contrived.  But with a newsletter, you have a place to reach out, educate your market, AND let them know about your latest promotions, newest advancements, and greatest achievements.

Knowing that, the next thing on your mind is likely, “That’s great and all, but…. it’s One More Thing I need to write original, fresh stuff for. I’m spent!!”

That’s where The BOSS-SEO comes in. We have a team of writers that can give you fresh, original content to use in your newsletters. Again, no content-spinning and recycling here; we’ll write content fresh for you, and only you. 


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