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The BOSS takes pride in the friendships and partnerships it has established over the years. Listed below are a few that we would like to mention and share with our followers.

Jeff Kohler

Founder of Cocoa Productions

  • Jeff Kohler Multimedia Production

    We are the artist of thought, the engineers of goosebumps, and tears of happiness. We are the guardians of a very special collective full of video directors, script writers, gifted designers, artist & poets, PR, and marketing & advertising professionals. You captain the ship and we create the sea your message sails on. We film, we write, we produce and we send your clients on a journey sponsored by you that will result in positive actions drifting back to you like a warm summers breeze on a bright blue bay. Say your goodbyes to the old way of marketing and reach out and touch the future because that is where your customers are; can you hear them? They have already made the journey so start sailing and join them where today’s business really happens, the interactive world of modern commerce.

Henri de Baritault

Founder of Zoominity Productions

  • Henri de Baritault Founder of Zoominity Productions

    Zoominity Productions is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We’re happy to spend up to an hour at no charge to meet with you and consult regarding your website and other digital marketing efforts. If you would like a further evaluation, at a low cost, we’ll evaluate your website and measure its “stickiness,” we’ll test it to see whether or not it is mobile or tablet compatible, and we’ll evaluate your social media, SEO, content and branding effectiveness.

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