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Is Your Business a Good Fit for Our Services?

The more we help businesses, the more they tell their colleagues, and the more requests we receive.   As much as we’d love to help everyone who submits a request, we like to keep our services personal and ultra-customized, so we aren’t willing to expand to large take-them-all SEO firm.  In order to give our clients the absolute gld-standard service and results, we only maintain a limited number of spots for SEO work, based on careful selection and time-tested criteria.

To be considered for the limited spots, your business needs to meet 3 minimum requirements:

A working, vital, and upstanding business

Working– Our services aren’t what you need if your business isn’t even off the ground yet.

Vital – For this to give you the most bang for your buck, you need to be established and active, and ready for us to take you to the next level.

Upstanding –  we reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone or any particular industry, but we can already tell you we aren’t the firm for you if your business is in:

  • any Get-Rich-Quick scheme
  • the adult entertainment industry
  • tobacco/alcohol/drug related industries

An established and consistent customer base

You a healthy sales growth established. Through legitimate traffic on your site  You don’t have to be a big-shot, you just need to be a voice in the market that’s taken seriously.  If you’re a hard-worker and a go-getter, you’re the type of client who can use our services and take off flying.

A reputable name, both in your market and with the search engines.

We aren’t just looking to bring you sales, but to build your name.  First impressions are everything, so we can get you the best results if you’ve already done some groundwork maintaining and keeping your reputation healthy, both in your market and with search engines, too.

If you’ve got that, we’ve got the rest!

If you can say ‘That’s us’ to the three requirements above, then we’re honored to meet with you directly about how we can take your business straight to the top.   We’ll give you as much of our time as it takes to form a custom plan that works with your future vision.

Want to get started?  Begin by filling out a quick discovery application, where we find out more about your business without taking up a ton of your time or prying into details that we don’t need to know.   We want to know who you are, what you do, and what you WANT to do.

Then we’ll look it over, meet with you (plan on the call taking approximately one hour), and use the information to form a foundation for an individual plan to expand your reach, revenue, and results—through the same process that’s bringing unbelievable traffic and sales to our current clients, right now!

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